Emu Dreaming by Felicity Nampitjinpa


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Artist:Felicity Nampitjinpa
Title:Emu Dreaming
Medium:Acrylic on belgian linen
Size: 90 X 60cm


Felicity Robertson Nampitjinpa is a talented artist from Yuendumu, 293 km northwest of Alice Springs on the Tanami Track. Yuendumu is a remote community largely made up of the Warlpiri and Anmatyerr people. She  is the daughter of the world famous artist Shorty Robertson Jangala.

This Dreaming tells the story of an Emu and a Brush Turkey. The Emu lived at a soakage to the west called Warnirripanu, while the Brush Turkey lived at a soakage to the east called Parirri. The Emu and Brush Turkey used to go around the country picking bush raisins and mashing them into fruit balls to save in their nests for later. However, they were jealous of each other; the Emu thought that the Brush Turkey was picking the best and juiciest bush raisins, and was leaving him with only the sour bush raisins.

The Emu went to the Brush Turkey's nest to the east while the Brush Turkey was out hunting and smashed up the fruit balls that the Brush Turkey had saved there. When the Brush Turkey returned, he found his smashed bush raisin balls and realized that the Emu had destroyed them. He went to the west to confront the Emu and when he found him, they got into a big fight. The Brush Turkey eventually flew away to the north, leaving behind the smashed bush raisin balls.

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