Bruce Rogers Didgeridoos

Bruce Rogers is one of the finest instrument makers and players we have had the pleasure of working with. His didgeridoos are all individually handcrafted musical instruments that are beautifully balanced in tonal qualities, highly responsive and easy to play.

Each log is worked by hand and finished with an attractive satin polish. Each didgeridoo is also fitted with a special wax-ochre mouthpiece and is hand numbered.

Bruce began teaching Didgeridoo in 1990 and has been a featured presenter and performer at many music festivals both in Australia and abroad.

Since 1994, Bruce has worked full-time as a didgeridoo maker, and it is for his gorgeously crafted instruments that he is awarded the highest respect. Having made his first didgeridoos in 1992, he has gained a reputation for making rich and clear sounding instruments, which are suitable for both experts and beginners alike.

These days, his didgeridoos are highly sought after in Australia and around the world.

Bruce’s aim is to bridge the gap between past and present, by promoting the Didgeridoo as an instrument for all ages, cultures and people.

Bruce also spends many months of the year in Europe working with the didgeridoo, organising workshops and giving lessons.

We are both lucky and proud to be his exclusive Australian outlet.

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