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Maker:Charlie McMahon
Key:G to A#
Bottom End:13cm
Weight:462 grams



Created by Charlie McMahon, the Didjeribone (Mark III)  is a multi-note slide didgeridoo. A cross between a didgeridoo and a trombone- the didjeri comes from didjeridoo, and bone comes from trombone.

As a musical instrument, the Didjeribone can be played at a variety of levels.

In the fixed position, the Didjeribone can be played in a variety of keys from the higher faster more percussive G down to a low slower meditative B (or A#). Having ten drone notes (and 12 horn notes in 3 octaves) it acts as several didgeridoos in one with a lightweight durable compact size ideal for travel. The flared end gives the instrument more volume and a fuller sound.

When using the slide function it allows you to change pitch in mid song, so you are no longer limited to playing monotonic music. The horns or toots can be used when in both the fixed position or when using the drone slide function.

Playing the horn on its own with no drone and sliding the didge adds another element of music to the Didjeribone.

Watch Charlie demonstrate the versatility of the DIDJERIBONE!!!




Weight :  462 grams  (16 ounces)
Shortest Length : 950mm  (37½ inches)
Extended Length :  170cm  (67 inches)
Maximum End Diameter:  7.3cm  (3 inches)




Charlie’s first Didjeribone made in 1981 came from his desire to expand the potential for the didgeridoo in music. In traditional Aboriginal music didgeridoos are not tuned precisely and mainly play a rhythmic drone to support a song. With Charlie’s band GONDWANA  the didgeridoo became the focus so more was demanded of it. Read about Charlie at Wikipedia  //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlie_McMahon

Different materials were tried. Metals were found to be unsuitable as they corrode from breath moisture and sound cold. Wood pipes tended to jam as wood absorbs moisture and the inner pipe expands more than the outer one. Plastic was the ideal solution as it had none of the above problems.

In 1995 Didjeribone was registered as a trademark and the design process began, culminating in the Mark III in 2009 -  the current model, with the following attributes:


Custom made extrusion dies ensure a minimum clearance between the two pipes, so the Didjeribone slides effortlessly between the ten keys, but does not allow air to escape when fully extended.


The highest being G when closed, then there are seven keys etched into the yellow inner pipe. Running from F# down to C. By extending the Didjeribone to its furthest point the key of B flat or A# is achieved.


Makes for easy comfortable contact with the lips and as the circumference is the optimum size it is easy to play, eliminating the need for beeswax which is often required for many termite hollowed Eucalyptus didgeridoos.


The narrower bore facilitates ease of play requiring less air than most traditional didgeridoos. The flared end helps create a brighter and louder sound than linear shaped didjeridus.


Weighing only 462grams and 950cm at its shortest length the Didjeribone is easy to handle and ideal to  travel with.

Do not expose the didjeribone to heat or direct sunlight or water above 38 C. A didjeribone left in a car on a hot day could be warped by the heat. The instrument must be cared for like any other precision instrument. Regular cleaning inside and out with water and a soft cloth and optionally a mild detergent (e.g. dishwashing soap) will help keep it clean and sliding smoothly.



Check out Charlie's good mate Tjupurru using the DIDJERIBONE in his unique one man didge band




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