Tristan O'Meara Opal Series Didgeridoo (TM233)


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Maker:Tristan Omeara
Bottom End:9.5cm
Timber:Eucalyptus Woolybutt
Mouthpiece:Dark Purple Beeswax

Sold to Ryan from Wollongong, NSW

Thanks Ryan!

The Tristan O'Meara Opal Series Didgeridoos represent the ultimate in high quality instrument grade didgeridoos. In Tristan's own words-

"Although I craft all my instruments to be the best possible, occasionally, an absolutely spectacular didgeridoo comes along, complete with the perfect termite hollowed bore, superb resonance, amazing back pressure, beautiful tone and volume along with lovely timber grains and great natural colours. These finds are just a joy to play.

These didgeridoos are the ones I keep aside to include in the Opal Series Collection. Finely crafted to the highest of standards, any instrument in the Opal series is certain to please its owner.

Each Opal Series didgeridoo has its own set of genuine solid Australian opals inlaid into the instruments exterior walls as a mark of its quality. These highly valuable and rare stones are unearthed by hand in Coober Pedy, South Australia and Lightning Ridge, New South Wales. They are then cut and polished to reveal their full colour and beauty. These opals alone would retail for over $400 in an opal store!

If you want to have the best of the best, and are looking for an instrument that is not only guaranteed to be an absolutely amazing player but also looks stunning, is individual and collectable then an Opal series Didgeridoo will suit all your needs.

I only come across maybe a dozen of these instruments a year while crafting."




Tristan has been playing and making didgeridoos for over 10 years now. What started as a hobby has turned into the manufacture and sale of instrument quality didgeridoos.

Being a touring musician who plays several instruments and having been frustrated in his own attempt to find music quality didgeridoos at the beginning of his didge journey, Tristan has now been focusing his attention on crafting didgeridoos where sound quality and workmanship is a priority.

Over the past ten years he has spent countless hours perfecting his techniques of crafting beautiful instruments through trial and error and trying new methods, ideas, shapes, weights and finishes until he reached the final high quality version of his didgeridoos which he is extremely proud to put his name and logo too.

Tristan also has an advantage in that he is also the person cutting the logs that he will craft his didgeridoos from. That is, he is involved in the process 100% from start to finish allowing him to choose exactly which shape and size timber he will use. Most of the timber Tristan uses is the Darwin Woolybutt Eucalyptus or Eucalyptus Miniata.

Each log is chosen carefully with sustainable practices in mind. Each didge has been chiseled, carved and tuned to its best playing ability. They are then finished on the exterior  with several coats of a high quality 2pac epoxy resin. In Tristan's own words

Tristan spends 9 months of the year making didges and working on his music, spending the Australian Winter in Europe as a touring musician, playing a variety of instruments combining the didgeridoo with the weissonborn lap steel guitar, acoustic guitar, 6 string tenor, ukulele, banjo, blues harmonica, native American flutes and of course his voice!

He has released 3 official albums, two live albums and one studio album “southern breezes”. All Tristan O’Meara didgeridoos will come with a copy of “southern breezes”





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-David from Queensland Australia

"Well mate it’s arrived ! The quality is outstanding And it sounds amazing . I just can’t put ..."
-Dave from the UK

" I have just received my order. 10 thanks for wrapping, 100 thanks for speed of delivery and 1000 th..."
-Isabelle from Belgium

"Hi I received my didgeridoo last week. Thanks for covered it so good, the sound is amazing!"
-Laura from the Netherlands

"Hi Reno, I arrived in the Netherlands last Sunday and today the didgeridoo arrived! That went rea..."
-Dyane from the Netherlands

"Hi thanks for a beutiful didge, both for the eyes and colouerful sounds, love how well wrapped you ..."
-Sukjoo From Sweden

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-Chris from Queensland

"Hi Reno My Jesse Lethbridge didge arrived yesterday afternoon in perfect condition :) The natural..."
-Chris from Queensland

"Hi Reno, I just received the didgeridoo and I love it! Unreal sound brother and looks deadly, you co..."
-Shane from NSW

"Hi Reno, I received my didge first thing this morning. It was well packed and safe. It plays grea..."
-Andreas from Sydney

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