Bush Seeds by Gracie Morton

Artist:Gracie Morton
Title:Bush Seeds
Medium:Acrylic on belgian linen
Size: 120 X 90cm

Gracie  Morton born in 1956 on the Utopia Station. Her  language group is Alyawarre. As with other women artists from  the Utopia region she began her painting career in the 1980's  working with batik , then commenced painting with acrylics on canvas. She often paints the bush plum or bush seed dreaming .

In the Utopia region, there are many varieties of grasses to be found. One such type is found in the sand plains and sand hills producing a seed that is collected, crushed and made into a paste to produce bread that the people eat. This painting portrays the area of the artists birthplace scattered with seeds and the tracks used by women to collect the seeds.

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