Didjeribone Slide Didge


Created by Charlie McMahon, the Didjeribone (Mark III) is a multi-note slide didgeridoo. A cross between a didgeridoo and a trombone- the didjeri comes from didjeridoo, and bone comes from trombone.

The combination of both instruments transforms the monotone didjeridu into the multi tone Didjeribone.

Although simple in appearance, it's a seriously crafted and engineered piece of acoustic technology - adding a whole new dimension and variety to playing the didgeridoo.

Proudly 100% Australian made. Click on the didjeribone image below and watch Charlie McMahon demonstrate the many different aspects of the Didjeribone.


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Didjeribone-Charlie McMahon

Didjeribone-Charlie McMahon


Key: G to A#

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