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Yidaki is the Aboriginal word for didgeridoo in Eastern Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia. These days, the word yidaki is applied to traditional  didgeridoos that are made by Yolngu people that often have distinct differences, acoustically and structurally, that set them apart from standard didgeridoos.

They are decorated with natural earth pigments (ochres) that represent special clan designs and motifs. Natural mouthpieces are quite common along with the use of sugarbag wax from the native bee.

Yidakis represent the highest level of cultural integrity with respect to the didgeridoo - being made by the traditional owners and custodians of the instrument in an unbroken tradition that spans thousands of years.

Our traditional instruments are sourced from the Buku Larrngay Mulka Aboriginal community art centre and from Gapuwiyak Aboriginal Culture and Arts, both in North- East Arnhem Land, under the guidance of Yidaki expert Jeremy Cloake

He currently sources the bulk of our traditional instruments. These are meticulously hand picked  for their artistic and sound qualities, field collected  and properly documented with cultural integrity a priority. Many of these instruments have cultural significance and represent truly collectable pieces from some of best know traditional craftsmen.

Each Yidaki will come with a maker biography or certificate of authenticity.

A mago is a variant of the traditional instrument more commonly found in the Western part of Arnhem Land. A Mago is typically shorter than and acoustically different to a yidaki. In terms of sound characteristics, mago are somewhat richer and more full-bodied than yidaki.

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Ngongu Ganambarr Yidaki (YI256)

Ngongu Ganambarr Yidaki (YI256)


Key: G  Length: 132cm

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Gurruwiwi Family Yidaki (YI258)

 Gurruwiwi Family Yidaki (YI258)


Key: E  Length: 137cm

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Gurruwiwi Family Yidaki (YI257)

 Gurruwiwi Family Yidaki (YI257)


Key: C#  Length: 140cm

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