CrookedStixz Didgeridoos

Adam Henwood (aka Swaami) of CrookedStixz has been making and playing didgeridoos since 1996. CrookedStixz didgeridoos began in a tiny outback shack gallery 20km from Katherine NT in 2005 with Adam and Beswick elder Eddy Ryan.

Since then he has fine tuned his skills focusing on producing high quality beautifully crafted musical instruments to suit all playing styles.

He has spent endless hours focusing solely on sound production, testing many tapers, shapes and surfaces, learning the intricacies of each shape and the pressures and tones associated with each different style.

The “primo” range from Adam are some of the finest Eucalyptus didgeridoos being crafted In Australia today.  A true didgeridoo technician, Adams understanding of didgeridoo making and playing puts him in a class of his own. 

One of our most popular makers, Adams didgeridoo are enjoyed around the world and he has a strong  group of " devotees" who have several CrookedStixz didgeridoos in their collection,

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