Hemp Didgeridoos 


Our Hemp Didgeridoos are produced by Norbert Schmid, one of the original patent holders and pioneers of the use of the hemp or hempstone for musical instruments.

Norbert has been manufacturing didgeridoos from hemp for over 10 years, perfecting the process to produce in our opinion the most balanced and versatile hemp didgeridoos on the market.

Norbert handcrafts and designs each instrument through a very unique process allowing him to shape the inner space of the instruments to extremely fine tolerances. This way he can build a multitude of didgeridoos with different characteristics.

Hemp Didgeridoos are made of hemp cellulose bound with water. No additives are necessary. The binding is made by the chemical power of hydrogen eliminating the need for glues resins and synthetic adhesive agents. What is produced is a high quality 100% natural plant fibre material that is non-toxic and extremely durable

The brilliance of this patented Austrian invention is that wet ground hemp fibre is turned into a material almost as hard a stone purely through the addition water.

Norbert has developed a worldwide reputation for the design and sound of his instruments, having recently collaborated with the world's best known didge player, Dubravko Lapaine, to produce his favourite tapers and shapes.

Through the use of non-toxic pigments Norbert also incorporates patterns and designs into his didgeridoos using his natural creative flair meaning that not only do these hemp didgeridoos sound good but they also look fantastic.

Every instrument is documented, tested and marked with an identifying serial number on the inside of the bell.

What you get with our hemp didgeridoos

Superior resonance
Incredible tonal quality
Optimum backpressure
Increased responsiveness
Durable temperature and climate resistant material
Easy horn/toots
Non-toxic environmentally friendly

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