After cutting didgeridoos in the traditional way for many years in the Northern Territory Jon Worsley took a new material developed by an Austrian scientist and adapted it to create a whole new generation of didgeridoo, here in its homeland in Australia. This new material, composed primarily of hemp fibre, is denser than the hardest hardwood and can reach frequencies and resonate with energies that lie beyond the capacity of traditional instruments of wood. To this new material Jon adds ochre clay, which like all clays has unique energetic properties that allow it to vibrate at very fine frequencies, which greatly enhances the range of resonance and pitch in these YiDaChi Instruments.

Jon's hemp didgeridoos represent a new direction in the long evolution of this ancient icon of indigenous culture in Australia, so it seems appropriate to coin a new name that distinguishes the hemp didgeridoos from the traditional model of wood, while still retaining a close link to its ancient heritage.  

YiDaChi is the word yidaki translated into Chinese ideograms. Yi  means "intent" or "idea,"  Da means "big" or "great," and Chi means "energy" or "breath."   This really describes it better than any other language on Earth:  "The instrument that expresses an intent or idea with a big breath that generates great energy."  


The YiDaChi hemp didgeridoo process

Jon Worsley has developed a unique process which allows him to shape the inner space of YiDaChi instruments to extremely fine tolerances. With the use of  hemp fibre and a wet milling process the natural fibre bonding is increased eliminating the need for glues, resins etc. Only water, hemp fibre, ochre clay and when required, natural pigments/charcoal for colouring is used

Put simply this adds up to a high quality natural plant fibre material with “strength, is non-toxic and mouldable”, and with YiDaChi designs the audible, vibrational experience is of extremely high quality.

Jon has developed a worldwide reputation for the design and sound of these instruments, and for the subtle effects they have on those who listen and play.


What you get with a YiDaChi hemp didgeridoo

►superior resonance         ►incredible tonal quality       ►optimum backpressure    ►increased responsiveness      

►durable temperature and climate resistant material    ►easy horn/toots.............AND MUCH MORE!!


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