Spirit Gallery website launch

Spirit Gallery has launched its website. On these pages you will find a fantastic collection of Aboriginal art and an impressive collection of music quality didgeridoos.


There is artwork to suit all tastes and budgets with small pieces up to very large showcase pieces. We put fair margins on our work and keep them affordable ensuring good turnover for artist and fair prices for the art buyer .


Spirit Gallery is also the local hub for didgeridoo players in Sydney. We have spent the last five years scanning the country for every notable didgeridoo craftsmen and we finally think we have found them all.


Having hundreds of  instruments at any one time and  the top didgeridoo makers all under the one roof has allowed us to create what is considered by many to be the finest collection of didgeridoos in the county and for that matter in the world!!!  We have didgeridoos to suit all tastes, styles and budgets. We are now proud to present this collection online.


Over the coming weeks and months we will continue to work on the site adding more didgeridoos, artwork and constantly keeping it fresh and updated. Stay tuned for more!!