New High Quality Instrument Grade Tristan O’Meara Didgeridoos Have Arrived!



An awesome bunch of new Tristan O’Meara Didgeridoos has arrived at our doorstep and they have surpassed all expectation! Improved sound, workmanship and overall quality on what was already a great product.


Tristan has now rightfully taken his place as one of the countries leading instrument makers. Also being one of the youngest high end didge makers, Tristan represents the future of quality didge making in this country and as many of you players already know we only have a handful of reputable makers left.


Just as an example of the superb workmanship on these instruments, Tristan has kindly explained his new improved finishing technique. In his own words –


 “ive used a 2pac epoxy resin. its the absolute best stuff available on the market, its a high clear resin thats got special uv protectants in it and is guaranteed for 20 years without discolouration and thats on outdoor furniture!! on a didj it should last a bloody lifetime! it costs a bloody small fortune for this stuff! 😉 each didj has about 40 bucks worth of epoxy on it.


ive used 3 coats on the outside and one on the inside for extra protection and a full seal.


each coat is cut back smooth, and the final coat is cut back thru sanding grits 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, then a fine steel wool polish.


after that its a hand rag polish with canuaba wax which is made in australia by australian owned company its made with natural bees wax, canuaba oil and a few other oils blended in. it sets hard to form a film layer on the epoxy bringing the instrument to a FRENCH OILED POLISH LOOK. but has the strength of the epoxy under it”


Check out the new Tristan O’Meara didgeridoos and watch Tristan below on his most recent visit visit to Spirit Gallery performing with didgeridoo, guitar and vocals.