Gumaroy Newman Didgeridoo Solo @ Spirit Gallery

Our good friend and regular visitor Gumaroy dropped in and kindly recorded a couple of video clips for us.


Not only is Gumaroy one of the most talented didge players in the country, he is also an indigenous storyteller, presenter, educator, songman and poet.


A proud descendant of the Gamilaroi and Wakka Wakka nations, Gumaroy has performed in over 40 countries and is regularly called upon for major Australian events.


Gumaroy is available for corporate events, workshops, didgeridoo performances and lessons, educational programs and more. You can find more information at


In the meantime watch Gumaroy perform a deadly didgeridoo solo below. Visit our YouTube channel to see Gumaroy explaining how to imitate Australian animals and create didgeridoo rhythms on the yidaki. Enjoy!




Spirit Gallery Didgeridoos & William Barton at the Sydney Opera House

Our good friend William Barton will be performing at the Sydney Opera House on Saturday 3rd August with the Australian Youth Orchestra. William came in earlier in the week before rehearsals to pick out the didgeridoos he will be using.


William knows a good didge when he sees one and these three beauties caught his attention- a CrookedStixz Didgeridoo (left) Tristan O’meara Didgeridoo (middle) and Bruce Rogers (right). Three of the countries top instrument makers all on stage at the Opera House- awesome!!


The Spirit Gallery team will be attending the event and there are still a limited number of tickets left for the evening.