Kristian Benton Didgeridoos Back + More Didgeridoos


It has been a long wait but the new Kristian Benton didgeridoos have landed. A fine maker, player and artist these are some of our most popular didges and they are going out the door as quick as we can bring them in!


All Kristian’s didgeridoos come with his cd titled ‘Spirit Alive  Check out Kristian’s new didgeridoos.


What other didgeridoos news do we have. WELL


– 7 new Hemp didgeridoos will be uploaded this week. All handed picked by the Spirit Gallery team ensuring the cream always comes the way of Spirit Gallery.


– Tynon Bradford from Heartland didgeridoos is expected to drop by in next few weeks with some more of his amazing creations.


_ CrookedStixz termite hollowed didges with orgonite mouthpieces will be arriving in next 2-3 weeks as well as a few new sticks from his protege Marcos “the gun” Ferrazza.


– And many more didges from Earl Clements, Eugene Goolagong, Bill Harney, Kenny Wark, Rodney Jungula, Brendan Porteous, Vicki Harding, Leony  Roser and Phil Kershy plain and painted Ironbark didges.


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JUST DROP US A LINE and  We are happy to help with any request.


Happy didgin!!

Spirit Gallery Team