Didgeridoo Road Trip

The Spirit Gallery team has just returned from our biggest didgeridoo road trip ever. Visiting the countries top craftsmen and bringing you the best Eucalyptus termite hollowed music quality didgeridoos on the planet!


Our journey began with a visit to South East Queensland where we sourced over 80 new Iron Bark didgeridoos for the gallery. Out of a collection of approximately 200 we gathered the best and the brightest for our store, including some painted Ironbarks from local Aboriginal artists Leony Roser and Lionel Phillips



Next stop was a highway meet up where we picked up over 30 beautifully painted didgeridoos from Nathan Falke


We then ventured to the Northern River Region of NSW where we spent some time with Tristan Omeara. Finding Tristan’s well hidden workshop is always a challenge as street signs disappear and one must navigate with hand written instructions and if you get lost forget about using the mobile phone as reception is almost non-existent. We finally arrived at Tristan’s picking the cream of what he had including our favourite a long perfect tapered 195cm bell trim C keyed didgeridoo. We also picked up some more affordable epoxy re-works from Tristan. Once again hand picked by the Spirit Gallery team to bring you the best quality.



Next stop was a visit to Kristian Benton near Coffs Harbour where Kristian had a dozen high end instruments waiting for us. Was a great pleasure to catch up with Kristian and share a few beers and talk all things didgeridoo



On our final leg we stopped to visit Tynon from Heartland Didgeridoos picking up our long awaited shipment of quality Heartland didgeridoos. Spirit Gallery is blessed to be the exclusive Australian retail outlet for Heartland Didgeridoos with some of the rarest and most unique Eucalyptus didgeridoos on the planet with Tynon’s best work always coming our way. Over 25 new Heartland Didgeridoos are now online



So what does that mean for our loyal customers. Australia’s best didges from our best makers, all hand picked, only at Spirit Gallery. The only didge store that goes that extra mile !! We don’t muck around with 95cm squeaky high G’s and pretend they are quality instruments or perfect beginners didgeridoos- we will leave that for the souvenir stores.


We genuinely source the countries top instruments, whether it be from our best makers or from the more affordable range. We also don’t “hide” our makers and love to share their stories, photos, videos and didgeridoo journey with our customers. Our makers are not just our business partners but our close friends.  This is what sets us apart from other stores and why we have developed such a following among didgeridoo players and why Australia’s top makers have chosen Spirit Gallery to showcase their didgeridoos.


We have already uploaded about half of these new didgeridoos with another 40-50 to be uploaded in the next couple of weeks.


So, come and visit Australia’s largest and finest collection of didgeridoos and purchase your authentic eucalyptus termite hollowed didgeridoo either online or in store today!


As always, any questions, queries, feedback, requests feel free to drop us an e-mail at info@spiritgallery.com.au or call us on 61 (2) 92475961 and we will do our best to help you.


Many thanks

Spirit Gallery Team





Over 25 new Earl Clements Didgeridoos have arrived including some flared and bell end didges, some natural finish didgeridoos, painted didgeridoos in the classic Western Arnhem Land style and a big selection of deep boomy didges in the lower keys!


Earl is a hard working one man operation. He is the didge cutter, crafter and the artist, cutting traditional Stringybark Eucalyptus didges in the top end.


A variety of styles, keys and prices to suit all budgets and playing styles.


If you want more information about a particular didge or just have a general enquiry about Earl’s didges (or any others) we are always happy to help! Contact us at info@spiritgallery.com.au


Meanwhile, check out the new range of Earl Clements Didgeridoos


New Kristian Benton Didgeridoos Now Available


It has been a bit of a wait but we finally have a superb collection of Kristian Benton Didgeridoos in the gallery AND we must say this is the best bunch we have seen in a long long time!


A proud descendant of the Ngemba tribe of Brewarrina, located in north-western NSW, Kristian combines quality instrument workmanship with finely decorated artwork. If that wasn’t enough, he also happens to be one of the finest players Australia has produced making him without doubt the number one artist/maker/player combination in Australia.


Every Didge that Kristian makes is 100% made from start to finish by Kristian, this ensures the quality and attention to detail that you would expect from a high quality instrument.


Yidaki Vibes by Kristian Benton is a certified Indigenous business and proud member of Supply Nation. Supply Nation suppliers are businesses which are:


-located in Australia.

-owned by Aboriginal personnel.

-controlled and managed by Indigenous personnel.


Kristian is a longtime friend of the store and has been working exclusively with Spirit Gallery for many years now. Being such a meticulous craftsmen, in fact, he can barely keep up with the demands we place on him!


All Kristian’s didgeridoos come with his cd titled ‘Spirit Alive


Buy your Kristian Benton Didgeridoo today!


Nathan Falk Didgeridoos Now Available @ Spirit Gallery



Introducing our newest didgeridoo range – Nathan Falk Didgeridoos.


Nathan, a Ngemba Wiradjuri man, creates a fusion of contemporary and traditional Indigenous art on both canvas and didgeridoos.


Born out in country, he moved to the Byron Bay Region of the Northern Rivers (Bundjalung Nation) when he was a young boy and still resides there today.


Drawing from his own roots and the dreamtime stories passed down by elders, each of his artworks tells its own unique story and shares his connection to country. We are delighted to be able to showcase these instruments to the world.


Buy your Nathan Falk Didgeridoo Today!




Its been a busy couple of weeks at Spirit Gallery as we set a “didgeridoo upload” record adding over 120 didgeridoos in the last 2 weeks.


New didgeridoos from Wix Stix, Earl Clements, the Peckham family and plenty of affordable hand painted and natural finish didgeridoos.


We now have over 200 didgeridoos online. But we are not stopping there! Stay tuned over the next few weeks for a new didgeridoo upload bonanza with new sticks from Tristan O’Meara, Bruce Wix, Kristian Benton and JesseLethbridge and much more.


So, come and visit Australia’s largest online collection of didgeridoos and purchase your authentic eucalyptus termite hollowed didgeridoo today!




Its been a bit of a wait but we finally have a superb collection of 9 new traditional Arnhem Land Yidaki at the gallery.


Our traditional instruments are sourced from the Buku Larrngay Mulka Aboriginal community art centre in North- East Arnhem Land, under the guidance of Yidaki expert Jeremy Cloake.


This group of instruments have been meticulously hand picked for their artistic and sound qualities and are properly documented with cultural integrity a priority.


Included are 3 new Djalu instruments, a Djalu/Yimula collaborative and one of the finest instruments we have ever received from Larry Winiwwini – a perfectly balanced D that almost plays itself!


All Yidaki will come with a community art centre profile and certification.


Many of these instruments have cultural significance and represent truly collectable pieces from some of best know traditional craftsmen.


Check out our new Yidaki collection and buy your Traditional Arnhem Land Yidaki today!!


New Tristan O’Meara Didgeridoos Now Available

Some new quality high end O’Meara Didgeridoos have landed at Spirit Gallery.


We have also received some budget Omeara re-work didgeridoos – The re-works are slightly smaller/shorter logs.


They are not Branded Omeara didgeridoos however, these didgeridoos have been personally selected from bulk didgeridoo manufacturers in Australia and then reworked by Tristan to have a good sound and playing quality suitable for beginners to learn on.


They are all genuine termite hollowed Australian eucalyptus didgeridoos and come with a
“Camphor laurel” or “Acacia black-wood” mouthpiece or black beeswax mouthpiece and are finished with the highest quality epoxy resin.

A fine maker, player and performer these are some of our most popular didges and they are going out the door as quickly as we can bring them in!


We are very happy that Tristan continues to choose Spirit Gallery as his primary didgeridoo outlet and only Australian outlet.


Buy Tristan O’Meara didgeridoos online with fast worldwide delivery or come and visit our Sydney didgeridoo store.


Spirit Gallery Update

For the continued safety and well-being of the Spirit Gallery team and customers the physical gallery has been temporarily closed until further guidance from health and government authorities.


The good news is you can Buy a Didgeridoo or piece of Aboriginal Art Online and we are still shipping Australia wide and worldwide on a daily basis.


We are also visiting the gallery each day for short periods so any more complex didgeridoo questions and sound evaluations and/or any further product enquiries will also be dealt with in a quick and timely manner.


Please forward all enquiries to info@spiritgallery.com.au or visit our contact page and you will receive a prompt reply.


We are also offering you a 10% discount on all online purchases for the month of April – just use the coupon code april10 at the final stage of the checkout


That is a generous 20% discount for international customers who already have the 10% sales tax automatically deducted when they enter a non-Australian delivery address.


Stay safe everybody

Spirit Gallery Team


New O’Meara Didgeridoos and Crafting Video

It has been a bit of a wait but some new O’Meara Didgeridoos have landed. A fine maker, player and performer these are some of our most popular didges and they are going out the door as quickly as we can bring them in!


5 new immaculately crafted didgeridoos of the highest standard with another 5 on the way this week.


Also uploaded to our YouTube channel is a new video showing Tristan’s Didgeridoo journey and his crafting techniques and philosophy. Check it out below





Not sure which didge to buy?


Need some help?


Want us to assess some didges for you-whether you are a beginner or accomplished player?



JUST DROP US A LINE and infor@spiritgallery.com.au.  We are happy to help with any request.


Happy didgin!!

Spirit Gallery Team