Tristan O’Meara Didgeridoos Have Arrived


We have just received a great bunch of didgeridoos from our newest maker Tristan O’Meara. Some real quality logs in there. Beautifully crafted with awesome power and resonance.


Tristan has been making didgeridoos for a number of years but has only recently turned his hand to full time crafting with an emphasis on high quality instruments. He has refined his technique and skill and it’s now paying off. This bunch of didges is the best we have seen from him, with some absolutely cracking instruments in there.


Tristan spends 9 months of the year making didges and working on his music, spending the Australian Winter in Europe as a touring musician, playing a variety of instruments including the didgeridoo combined with the weissonborn lap steel guitar, acoustic guitar, 6 string tenor ukulele, banjo, blues harmonica, native American flutes and of course his voice!!


He has released 3 official albums, two live albums and one studio album “southern breezes”.



All Tristan O’Meara didgeridoos will come with a copy of “southern breezes”


Want to know more about Tristan. Find him at-



In the meantime watch Tristan at one of his many performances and check him out making a didge!!





Tjupurru At Spirit Gallery- Face Bass & Didjeribone!

Brisbane Based International Didjeridu performer Adrian Fabila Tjupurrula aka Tjupurru was nice enough to pay us a visit on his most recent trip to Sydney and show us his unique brand of music.


A  proud descendant of the Djabera Djabera tribe of the West Australia Kimberleys, Tjupurru plays the DIDJERIBONE and the FACE BASS, both inventions of his close friend Charlie McMahon.


We have seen the Didjeribone before but what is the FACE BASS?  Its an internal seismic microphone that enables the slightest whisper and tremble in your mouth or body to be picked up. Any noise made in or around your mouth and neck – vocally, sub vocally, with your tongue, your teeth, your fingers, swallowing, humming or just breathing is amplified.


With the addition of sampling and electronic effects and you have a one mand band called Tjupurru. A unique mixture of sounds and songs that is thorughly entertaining.



Tjupurru has performed at many festivals and concerts, both in Australia and abroad. He is also very busy doing school performances all over Australia.


Would you like to see a live TJUPURRU performance in your town or at your festival or school. Find Tjupurru’s contact details at the following link or find him on facebook!/tjupurru