New Earl Clements Didgeridoos and Didge Making Photos!

Some beautiful Earl Clements didgeridoos have arrived including some amazing flared and bell end didges, all painted in the classic Western Arnhem Land style.


Earl is a hard working one man operartion. He is the didge cutter, crafter and the artist.


Check out some photos of Earl sweating away in Australia’s top end on a didge making expedition for Spirit Gallery.


Kristian Benton At Spirit Gallery With New Didges!

Our good friend Kristian Benton visited us just after Christmas with a beautiful bunch of quality instruments.


He has been busy this year performing several times at the World Expo in South Korea as the Australian indigenous performer. He is about to embark on a tour of South Africa and will continue to make quality instruments exclusively for Spirit Gallery throughout 2013.


Check out some of the Kristian Benton Didgeridoos and watch the man at work below!



Sarangi & Didgeridoo Together! – Kash Killion and Reno Safarian

Multi-instrumentalist Kash Killion dropped into Spirit Gallery for a visit. Upon seeing our collection of didgeridoos he brought back his Sarangi and the result is below!!


An accomplished Sarangi player, he has studied this complex instrument with the great masters Sultan Khan and Rhamish Mishra.


But never played one with a didge. Has anyone? Great fun!


Kash is a San Francisco based cellist, bassist, sarangist, vocalist, and composer. He has performed with various ethnic music ensembles and chamber orchestras and has over a hundred recordings to his name. Check him out