Barramundi-Customer/Player Video Profile on the Black Spruce Didgeridoo


Introducing “Barramundi”.


A local Sydney didgeridoo player and regular visitor to our store. In fact most of these instruments in his collection pictured above came from Spirit Gallery.


He has only been playing for a couple of years. Not bad for such a short period!!

Strong, Powerful Player. Enjoy!!


What didge is he playing. A gorgeous sweet toned White Mountain Essence Didjeridu all the way from our good friends in New Hampshire USA.


This one’s for you Steven!! Best “blind” didge purchase Spirit Gallery has ever made and now part of our private collection. Check out WEDIDJ at




Rare Full Nathan Burton Didgeridoos Now Available At Spirit Gallery


Master Craftsmen Nathan Burton Visiting Spirit Gallery



Full Burton Didges now online. Check them out.


As mentioned in our previous post Spirit Gallery will be the only didge store in the WORLD to have some rare NEW FULL BURTON DIDGES. Our good friend Nathan was nice enough to choose Spirit Gallery to showcase the very few didges he has recently made. Quite an honour considering he is only made a handful over the last few years.


Burton didgeridoos are prized for their unique bell sizes, optimum backpressure, awesome acoustics, ideal resonance and extreme volume and all come with a Burton lifetime guarantee. The full Burton logo is burned into the bell end of every Burton Instrument.


Check out the reputation of the man and his didges The only available instruments are now all at Spirit Gallery and for the same price as on the Burton site.


Already a lot of interest in them. One already gone before it had a chance to get online. Might be a very long time before some new Burtons appear again!!

New Didgeridoo Uploads- December Christmas 2012

We have been busy uploading over 60 new didgeridoos in the last week. In this lot we have some long awaited primo stuff from master craftsmen Adam Henwood of CrookedStixz– a real favourite among serious players.


Also some amazing Earl Clements didges at very fair prices. Beautifully painted with traditional motifs, awesome sound quality and some of our best value for money didges. Earl only sends us the best as he knows how fussy we are!


Also available are some of our popular affordable hand painted didgeridoos by Brendan Porteous, Leony Roser and Chad Burns.


In the next few weeks we will have dozens of quality didges arriving from the likes of Kristian Benton, Tristan OMeara, Alastair Black, Bruce Rogers and Heartland Didgeridoos and some larger flares and belled didgeridoos from Earl Clements and much more. It will be a didgeridoo bonanza here at Spirit Gallery over the next few weeks.


Finally, keep an eye out online as Spirit Gallery will be the only didge store in the WORLD to have some rare NEW FULL BURTON didges available for sale. Our good friend Nathan was nice enough to choose Spirit Gallery to showcase the very few didges he has recently made. A real treat for the Burton enthusiasts. They should be available soon. Stay tuned.


We have been getting lots of questions about Xmas orders and deliveries. Please note any orders received by the 14th December will be guaranteed delivered anywhere in the world before Xmas- more than likely several days before. And rememeber all international customers will receive a 10% deduction on the advertised price at the checkout as the item will be deemed an export and hence tax/VAT free.


Domestic orders can be received as late as the 20th Decemeber, depending on the delivery location. We even have an express overnight service for those very very late orders. E-mail us for details.