New Bruce Rogers & Carved Kristian Benton Didgeridoos

It has been a long wait but we have finally received some carved didgeridoos from Kristian Benton and some amazingly high quality didgeridoos from master craftsmen Bruce Rogers.


There are very few didgeridoo makers who also happen to be great artists and even rarer, great players. This is why Kristian is by far Australia’s most talented crafter/player/artist combo. Kristian has carved some beautiful new didgeridoos for us. Carving has become such a rare art form especially on quality sounding didgeridoos. Kristian truly is an amazing, rare and unique talent.


The wait is also over for some new Bruce Roger’s didgeridoos. Bruce takes his time and does not produce a high volume of instruments but when he makes a didge they are a pure work of genius. This bunch of didges are some of the most user friendly sweet sounding balanced didgeridoos we have seen from Bruce in a long time.


We visited Bruce during last year’s Melbourne Didgeridoo and Cultural Festival and he was kind enough to invite us to his home/workshop where we couldn’t resist but record a quick didge solo. Enjoy!