William Barton & Shibaten Duo

Good friends of Spirit Gallery it was nice to get William Barton and Shibaten together in the store. An impromptu performance seemed so natural as if it had been rehearsed. That’s the talent of the two!!!!


Shibaten will be performing at festivals in the USA from July- Septemeber. You can follow him on facebook http://www.facebook.com/shibaten


William as always is busy performing all over the country and the world. Check him out at www.williambarton.com.au/






Stax The Didgeman!!!


Introducing Stax the Didgeman!!! Stax has been playing, teaching and making didgeridoos for over 15 years now.


We recently had the pleasure of meeting him at the 2012 Melbourne Didgeridoo and Cultural Festival


A member of the Victorian Music Teachers Association and based in Melbourne Stax is available for all things didgeridoo- including private lessons, group lessons, workshops, school visits, function hire and much more



Check him out  at http://www.didgeman.com.au





New Didgeridoos Uploaded

Its been a busy week here at Spirit Gallery as we uploaded over 60 new didgeridoos. Just click on the DIDGERIDOOS tab and the newest didges will appear by default.


A mixed bunch with a few from almost every maker we represent.


One of our favourites was a beautiful F from Kristian Benton. Not just for its playability and sound quality but for the new and unique artwork he has painted on this didgeridoo. Very different to his typical work and colour scheme but a clear favourite here at Spirit Gallery.