New Heartland Didgeridoos Now Available

Tynon Bradford of Heartland Didgeridoos made the long trip down to Sydney from Bellingen and with him came approximately 25 of the nicest Heartland didgeridoos we think we have ever seen.


A master craftsmen with the utmost attention to detail, we are proud Tynon has chosen Spirit Gallery to be his primary retail outlet. Tynon keeps his finest work for Spirit Gallery including this crazy 3 metre didge pictured above.


Check out the new range of Heartland Didgeridoos!


Gumaroy Newman Didgeridoo Solo @ Spirit Gallery

Our good friend and regular visitor Gumaroy dropped in and kindly recorded a couple of video clips for us.


Not only is Gumaroy one of the most talented didge players in the country, he is also an indigenous storyteller, presenter, educator, songman and poet.


A proud descendant of the Gamilaroi and Wakka Wakka nations, Gumaroy has performed in over 40 countries and is regularly called upon for major Australian events.


Gumaroy is available for corporate events, workshops, didgeridoo performances and lessons, educational programs and more. You can find more information at


In the meantime watch Gumaroy perform a deadly didgeridoo solo below. Visit our YouTube channel to see Gumaroy explaining how to imitate Australian animals and create didgeridoo rhythms on the yidaki. Enjoy!




Sarangi & Didgeridoo Together! – Kash Killion and Reno Safarian

Multi-instrumentalist Kash Killion dropped into Spirit Gallery for a visit. Upon seeing our collection of didgeridoos he brought back his Sarangi and the result is below!!


An accomplished Sarangi player, he has studied this complex instrument with the great masters Sultan Khan and Rhamish Mishra.


But never played one with a didge. Has anyone? Great fun!


Kash is a San Francisco based cellist, bassist, sarangist, vocalist, and composer. He has performed with various ethnic music ensembles and chamber orchestras and has over a hundred recordings to his name. Check him out



Barramundi-Customer/Player Video Profile on the Black Spruce Didgeridoo


Introducing “Barramundi”.


A local Sydney didgeridoo player and regular visitor to our store. In fact most of these instruments in his collection pictured above came from Spirit Gallery.


He has only been playing for a couple of years. Not bad for such a short period!!

Strong, Powerful Player. Enjoy!!


What didge is he playing. A gorgeous sweet toned White Mountain Essence Didjeridu all the way from our good friends in New Hampshire USA.


This one’s for you Steven!! Best “blind” didge purchase Spirit Gallery has ever made and now part of our private collection. Check out WEDIDJ at




Rare Full Nathan Burton Didgeridoos Now Available At Spirit Gallery


Master Craftsmen Nathan Burton Visiting Spirit Gallery



Full Burton Didges now online. Check them out.


As mentioned in our previous post Spirit Gallery will be the only didge store in the WORLD to have some rare NEW FULL BURTON DIDGES. Our good friend Nathan was nice enough to choose Spirit Gallery to showcase the very few didges he has recently made. Quite an honour considering he is only made a handful over the last few years.


Burton didgeridoos are prized for their unique bell sizes, optimum backpressure, awesome acoustics, ideal resonance and extreme volume and all come with a Burton lifetime guarantee. The full Burton logo is burned into the bell end of every Burton Instrument.


Check out the reputation of the man and his didges The only available instruments are now all at Spirit Gallery and for the same price as on the Burton site.


Already a lot of interest in them. One already gone before it had a chance to get online. Might be a very long time before some new Burtons appear again!!

Didgeridoo peformer Shibaten at Spirit Gallery

Japanese didgeridoo performer Shibaten is a regular visitor at Spirit Gallery. A good friend of ours Shibaten will spend the next few months performing in Sydney near the Pitt St Mall. If you are lucky enough to be in Sydney be sure to check him out.


He is a mulit talented musician who plays several the same time!!! . An all round nice guy there is something spiritual and pure about Shibaten.


He has been travelling the world performing for the last 13 years and visits us regularly on his Sydney leg.


We thought you might want to see him for yourself!!!!


More info at his website







Spirit Gallery website launch

Spirit Gallery has launched its website. On these pages you will find a fantastic collection of Aboriginal art and an impressive collection of music quality didgeridoos.


There is artwork to suit all tastes and budgets with small pieces up to very large showcase pieces. We put fair margins on our work and keep them affordable ensuring good turnover for artist and fair prices for the art buyer .


Spirit Gallery is also the local hub for didgeridoo players in Sydney. We have spent the last five years scanning the country for every notable didgeridoo craftsmen and we finally think we have found them all.


Having hundreds of  instruments at any one time and  the top didgeridoo makers all under the one roof has allowed us to create what is considered by many to be the finest collection of didgeridoos in the county and for that matter in the world!!!  We have didgeridoos to suit all tastes, styles and budgets. We are now proud to present this collection online.


Over the coming weeks and months we will continue to work on the site adding more didgeridoos, artwork and constantly keeping it fresh and updated. Stay tuned for more!!