Scott Estrich – Queensland Didge Player, Teacher & Performer visits Spirit Gallery

We were lucky enough to have our friend from up North Scott Estrich recently visit us.


Scott regularly incorporates the didgeridoo into his staff team builiding, corporate and eucational events and courses – often using instruments sourced from Spirit Gallery.


Scott has been playing and teaching the didgeridoo for almost 10 years, and has entertained groups and public audiences in concerts and festivals across Australia and Europe. He has worked and trained with didjeridu masters Djalu Gurriwiwi,Milkay Mununggurr and Darryl Dikarrna


Scott is available for almost any didgeridoo event whether it be lessons, workshops, weddings or corporate events and more, If you need anything didgeridoo and you are near the Sunshine Coast then Scott is your man!


For more information you can viist his website


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