Didgeridoo Beginners Pack Now Available

The Spirit Gallery Didgeridoo Starter Pack has now been launched! Are you looking for a quality hand picked music quality authentic termite hollowed eucalyptus didgeridoo with all the accessories in the one value pack.

Then look no further as our didgeridoo starter packs are the perfect choice for a budding new didgeridoo enthusiast or as a much loved gift.

These didges have been hand picked for ease of play and suitability for a first timer.

Each pack will come with a natural finish didgeridoo (in the beginners middle keys) a padded cotton didgeridoo bag to protect your didgeridoo, a beginners CD guide and 2 sheets of beeswax to replace the mouthpiece.

So buy your Didgeridoo Starter Pack and learn how to play the didgeridoo today!


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