Oilskin Padded Didgeridoo Bags Now Online

Its taken a while but we have finally uploaded our oilskin didgeridoo bags to the website and they are now available for purchase on their own or with your new didgeridoo!




A didgeridoo bag is a great way to protect and transport your precious didgeridoo. Our didgeridoo bags have been designed by the experienced team here at Spirit Gallery and after dozens of prototypes we think we have come up with the perfect size, shape, length and most comfortable didge bags on the market and not to mention most affordable padded oilskin bags available!!

Made from Australian oilskin by one of Australia’s most reputable oilskin manufacturers these exclusive custom bags are a perfect accompaniment to your valuable didgeridoo.


Padded,  Cross Stiched, Internally Lined,  Pocketed, Water Resistant are just some of the many features of these quality didgeridoo bags. DIDGERIDOO BAGS DESIGNED AND MADE BY PLAYERS FOR PLAYERS!


Coming in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Buy your didgeridoo bag online today


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