Spirit Gallery Update

Its been a busy few months here at Spirit Gallery and we thought it’s time bring you up to date with what has been happening!!


We now have over 200 didgeridoos online. A range of prices, styles and keys to suite beginners right up to the seasoned pro. Reno, quality control, at Spirit Gallery has been on 2 road trips just this year, hand picking didgeridoos for the store. As always the countries top makers have also been making sure there is good supply of their instruments at Spirit Gallery.


In the coming weeks we are expecting more didgeridoos from the likes of Adam ( CrookedStixz) Henwood, Tristan O’meara, Marcos Ferrazza and Wix Didgeridoos. A new bunch of Kristian Brenton Didgeridoos and Heartland Didgeridoos are also now online and moving fast.


Our long awaited didgeridoo beginners pack should be available in a few weeks and we will soon see the return of some quality traditional Arnhem Land yidaki.


On the painting side of things our exclusive gallery artists Rex Winston Walford and Anthony Walker remain extremely popular and have a variety of styles and sizes always available. Both artists are also available for custom orders with quick turnaround times of only 2-4 weeks.


We have also taken on some new artists, namely  Fiona Young, Marlene Young, Naomi Price and Raelene Williams. With over 300 paintings online this is the largest selection we have ever had.


All didgeridoos and paintings are available online or in store. We have been working hard on making the website as user friendly and easy to navigate as possible and would also like to thank our customers on the feedback they have given us.


Some new recording and photographic equipment has also been purchased and we look forward to improving the interactive nature of our online product display, in particular the quality of our didgeridoo recordings. We have almost reached 5000 subscribers on our youtube channel and will continue to add entertaining and educational didgeridoo videos to our channel.


As we approach our 10 year anniversary, we would also like to thank our new and loyal customers that have helped Spirit Gallery grow over the years to become the premier destination in Sydney for Aboriginal arts, crafts and didgeridoos. We look forward to many years ahead and will continue to work hard to bring you the best of indigenous arts and crafts in Australia.


As always any questions, queries ,feedback, requests ( even strange and odd ones!!)  feel free to drop us an e-mail at info@spiritgallery.com.au or call us on 61 (2) 92475961 and we will do our best to help you.


Many thanks

Spirit Gallery Team


Wix Stix Didgeridoos Now Available At Spirit Gallery

wix stix didgeridoosIntroducing our newest didgeridoo crafter Bruce Wix of Wix Stix Didgeridoos and what a find it has turned out to be!! High quality perfectly crafted instruments that have impressed even the fussiest of didgeridoo connoisseurs.



About Wix Stix Didgeridoos  


Bruce Wix started making didgeridoos in the mid 1990′s, which quickly became  a passion which he is still pursuing 20 years later. Bruce began playing didgeridoo while travelling up and down the east coast of Cape York on a line fishing boat. Curiosity about the didge and its different qualities got him wanting to explore the intricacies of such an earthy sounding instrument. As a joiner and stair builder Bruce already had extensive timber knowledge and this was an asset in designing and crafting his own unique style of didgeridoos.

Bruce’s didgeridoos are all individually hand carved from Australian eucalyptus timbers, Poplar Box, Silver leaf Iron bark, Black Woolly Butt and Bloodwoods. These timbers are naturally termite hollowed and sourced from indigenous didgeridoo cutter Peter Santo in Queensland, Australia.


Bruce seasons his logs by removing the bark and sap wood and letting them dry for 6-12 months, he then shapes the logs and lets them sit for a further period before the final finishing and coating. Bruce prefers a timber mouth piece, so he sleeves most of his didgeridoos. This process allows for a standard size mouth piece and eliminates the need for wax. For this process he uses camphor laurel timber which also has anti-bacterial qualities.   


It has taken some time and convincing but Bruce is now ready to showcase Wix Stix to the world and lucky for us he has chosen Spirit Gallery to be his sole Australian retail outlet. It is an absolute honour to have a maker of Bruce’s quality on board and his didgeridoos are already turning heads in the gallery for their immaculate finish, workmanship, attention to detail and playability.


Bruce hopes you will enjoy and appreciate this finely crafted instrument as much as he has enjoyed creating it.


Buy your Wix Stix Didgeridoo Today!


Oilskin Padded Didgeridoo Bags Now Online

Its taken a while but we have finally uploaded our oilskin didgeridoo bags to the website and they are now available for purchase on their own or with your new didgeridoo!




A didgeridoo bag is a great way to protect and transport your precious didgeridoo. Our didgeridoo bags have been designed by the experienced team here at Spirit Gallery and after dozens of prototypes we think we have come up with the perfect size, shape, length and most comfortable didge bags on the market and not to mention most affordable padded oilskin bags available!!

Made from Australian oilskin by one of Australia’s most reputable oilskin manufacturers these exclusive custom bags are a perfect accompaniment to your valuable didgeridoo.


Padded,  Cross Stiched, Internally Lined,  Pocketed, Water Resistant are just some of the many features of these quality didgeridoo bags. DIDGERIDOO BAGS DESIGNED AND MADE BY PLAYERS FOR PLAYERS!


Coming in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Buy your didgeridoo bag online today


Rare Carved Heartland Double Didgeridoo On Its Way To Norway


One of the rarest carved double didgeridoos we have seen to date was snapped up by our Norwegian friend Eivind (before we even had a chance to put it on the web!!)  and will proudly be displayed in the Kakadu store in Norway.


Eivind is no stranger to unique pieces and has been collecting didgeridoos for a while having also purchased our longest didgeridoo ever at 3.1 metres on his last visit to Australia 18 months ago.


Check him out with the latest addition to his collection!


Many thanks Eivind!


Kristian Benton Didgeridoos Back + More Didgeridoos


It has been a long wait but the new Kristian Benton didgeridoos have landed. A fine maker, player and artist these are some of our most popular didges and they are going out the door as quick as we can bring them in!


All Kristian’s didgeridoos come with his cd titled ‘Spirit Alive  Check out Kristian’s new didgeridoos.


What other didgeridoos news do we have. WELL


- 7 new Hemp didgeridoos will be uploaded this week. All handed picked by the Spirit Gallery team ensuring the cream always comes the way of Spirit Gallery.


- Tynon Bradford from Heartland didgeridoos is expected to drop by in next few weeks with some more of his amazing creations.


_ CrookedStixz termite hollowed didges with orgonite mouthpieces will be arriving in next 2-3 weeks as well as a few new sticks from his protege Marcos “the gun” Ferrazza.


- And many more didges from Earl Clements, Eugene Goolagong, Bill Harney, Kenny Wark, Rodney Jungula, Brendan Porteous, Vicki Harding, Leony  Roser and Phil Kershy plain and painted Ironbark didges.


Not sure which didge to buy?


Need some help?


Want us to assess some didges for you-whether you are a beginner or accomplished player?



JUST DROP US A LINE and infor@spiritgallery.com.au.  We are happy to help with any request.


Happy didgin!!

Spirit Gallery Team



Didgeridoo Road Trip and Didgeridoo Update



The Spirit Gallery team has just returned from our annual didgeridoo road trip. Visiting the countries top craftsmen and bringing you the best Eucalyptus termite hollowed music quality didgeridoos on the planet!


Our journey began with a visit to Brad Hagelstein. Brad was nice enough to part with a couple of monsters including a very very deep 2.6 metres double drone F#  didge. Stay tuned and in the meantime check out the pics of Brad’s workshop.



Next stop was the jungles of Wilsons Creek NSW to find Tristan Omeara. Finding  Tristan’s well hidden workshop is always a challenge as street signs disappear and one must navigate with hand written instructions and if you get lost forget about using the mobile phone as reception is almost non-existent.  We finally arrived at Tristan’s picking the cream of what he had including our favourite a long perfect tapered A/Low G#.  We also picked  up some more affordable epoxy re-works from Tristan. Once again hand picked by the Spirit Gallery team to bring you the best quality.



Next Stop Byron Bay and a visit to the CrookedStixz setup. A nice bunch of about a dozen Crookedstixz didgeridoos will be uploaded this week and coming very soon will be the launch of the CrookedStixz two pieces. These two piece didges are out of this world, with one Adam calls “Lord A” the absolute standout.



We also visited the YiDaChi hemp didgeridoo factory where we choose the 4 primo instruments in F, E, C# and C to complement our collection of D’s. Online very soon. Our hemp didges have all been hand picked and we can confidently say they are the best collection in this country and best priced.



It was then off the Queensland where we source our Ironbark didgeridoos. Out of a collection of 150 we gathered the best 30-40 for our store, including some painted Ironbarks from local  Aboriginal artists Leony Roser and Karl Hardy.


On our final leg we stopped to visit Tynon from Heartland Didgeridoos picking up our long awaited shipment of quality Heartland didgeridoos. Spirit Gallery is blessed to be the exclusive Australian retail outlet for Heartland didgeridoos with some of the rarest and unique Eucalyptus didgeridoos on the planet with Tynon’s best work always coming our way.



Did we miss anybody?? YES. Kristian Benton was away during our visit but not to worry as he will be making us a personal visit in a few weeks with some new sticks!!


So what does that mean for our loyal customers. Australia’s best didges from our best makers, all had picked,  only at Spirit Gallery.  The only didge store that goes that extra mile !! We don’t muck around with 99cm squeaky high G’s and pretend they are quality instruments or perfect beginners didgeridoos- we will leave that for the souvenir stores.


We genuinely source the countries top instruments, whether it be from our best makers or from the more affordable range. We also don’t “hide” our makers and love to share their stories, photos, videos and didgeridoo journey with our customers . Our makers are not just our business partners but our close friends.  This is what sets us apart  from other stores and why we have developed such a following among didgeridoo players and why Australia’s top makers have chosen Spirit Gallery to showcase their didgeridoos


We have already uploaded about half of these didges with another 50-60 to be uploaded in next couple of  weeks


Other interesting developments-


-We have received our first Omeara opal series didgeridoo.  It doesn’t get much better than this!!


-More Bruce Rogers didgeridoos on the way


-An exciting new indigenous crafter Leon Sutherland will be joining the Spirit Gallery didgeridoo collection. We don’t take on many new makers and are quite fussy when we do so!!  So we are very pleased that Leon has ticked all the boxes for us.


-We will be showcasing instruments from Adam ” CrookedSrtixz” Henwood’s apprentice, Marcos Ferrazza. As  Adams says ” he is the gun”. More info soon


-Yes we know we have promised and we will eventually get our high quality yet affordable custom designed oil skin bags online in the next few weeks


-And as usual many more affordable hand painted and natural finish didgeridoos coming your way



It’s a didgeridoo feast here at Spirit Gallery and we should have over 200 didges online by the end of the month. The largest and  finest didgeridoo collection in the universe!!…BY FAR


Come and visit us in Sydney and see the Spirit Gallery difference or check out our awesome didgeridoo collection online


Have a questions?Not Sure? Need some help? Call us or e-mail and we are more than happy to help


Happy Didgin!!


Spirit Gallery Team


New High Quality Instrument Grade Tristan O’Meara Didgeridoos Have Arrived!



An awesome bunch of new Tristan O’Meara Didgeridoos has arrived at our doorstep and they have surpassed all expectation! Improved sound, workmanship and overall quality on what was already a great product.


Tristan has now rightfully taken his place as one of the countries leading instrument makers. Also being one of the youngest high end didge makers, Tristan represents the future of quality didge making in this country and as many of you players already know we only have a handful of reputable makers left.


Just as an example of the superb workmanship on these instruments, Tristan has kindly explained his new improved finishing technique. In his own words -


 “ive used a 2pac epoxy resin. its the absolute best stuff available on the market, its a high clear resin thats got special uv protectants in it and is guaranteed for 20 years without discolouration and thats on outdoor furniture!! on a didj it should last a bloody lifetime! it costs a bloody small fortune for this stuff! ;) each didj has about 40 bucks worth of epoxy on it.


ive used 3 coats on the outside and one on the inside for extra protection and a full seal.


each coat is cut back smooth, and the final coat is cut back thru sanding grits 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, then a fine steel wool polish.


after that its a hand rag polish with canuaba wax which is made in australia by australian owned company its made with natural bees wax, canuaba oil and a few other oils blended in. it sets hard to form a film layer on the epoxy bringing the instrument to a FRENCH OILED POLISH LOOK. but has the strength of the epoxy under it”


Check out the new Tristan O’Meara didgeridoos and watch Tristan below on his most recent visit visit to Spirit Gallery performing with didgeridoo, guitar and vocals.



Didjeristory with Charlie McMahon Friday 14th November – St Peters, Sydney


Come and celebrate 59 years of didjing with Charlie McMahon on Friday the 14th November. A free event and all welcome.


The show includes live performances, archival video, didgeridoo talks and explanations of his inventions like the didjeribone and how they have enhanced the potential for didgeridoo in music.


Charlie started playing didgeridoo 59 years ago and will explain how didgeridoo playing has spread from its roots among the Aboriginal clans of the far north of Australia to being a worldwide phenomenon. The premier of Didjeristory will be at Tortuga Studios 31 Princes Highway St Peters Australia 6pm -9pm 14th November 2014.


See you there!


New Earl Clements Didgeridoos and Artwork- Exclusive to Spirit Gallery

An awesome batch of new Earl Clements Didgeridoos and artwork has arrived and is now online. A popular maker at Spirit Gallery, Earl is a rare talent who can produce both high quality didgeridoos and intricate detailed artwork.


This is the first time Earl has painted for us the fine rarrked style of Western Arnhem Land on a different medium ( i.e. acrylic on canvas). In these paintings Earl depicts the freshwater, saltwater and land animals of the top end of Australia in the classic crosshatch style of the Western region of Arnhem Land, close to where he resides.


We are also excited to announce Earl has decided that Spirit Gallery will be the exclusive store where his artwork and didgeridoos are found. After having worked with Earl for many years we have developed a very close and productive relationship and are extremely excited he has trusted us with showcasing his talents to the world.


Having his didgeridoos alongside Australia’s other top didge makers and having his artwork in Sydney’s largest and busiest Aboriginal arts and crafts store will be a win-win. So what are you waiting for? Check out the Earl Clements Didgeridoos and Earl Clements Artwork.